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How it all started with pet and I:


I have been a firm believer in chastity for many years. Frankly I think that most men pretty much just do not have a clue when it comes to sex! They have no idea how to please a woman in bed, or even worse out of the bedroom. Often when it comes to sex, it is usually about their desires! Most men care more about getting off, then rather or not their partner did. I donít deal well with this attitude. And thankfully many years ago, I found a way to change a manís thinking on this. Itís simple really, Control a manís orgasm, and you control the man.
It has been a year or so since I held someone's keys. I missed it. I missed dreaming up ways to tease him, to deny him. When I have someone locked down, I will spend hours dreaming of ways to tease them! I love it. Oh how I love to deny someone the right to come. Its very powerful, and I find it a huge turn on! Its something I feel I need in my life.  I longed to think of new ways to torture someone.  To have fun with and to play my way with. I can be rather sinister when given the opportunity to play these kinds of games with someone.  
Now where to find a willing victim? This isn't as easy as it sounds. For the type of play I desired, I would have to be rather Intimate with someone.  and I can be pretty damn picky with who I choose to do this with. I decided to keep my mind open, but not "actively" seek someone to fill this role in my life. 


Thats when it happened.  I was at a party and happened to of ran into an old friend of mine. We got to talking, and somehow, our kinks came up in the conversation. He mentioned he liked to be kept in chastity.  I did somehow manage to  keep my cool as he peaked my Interest. I asked him a few casual questions on this. Him not knowing that his answers would tell me right away if he was the man for me or not. I asked him how many times a week he masturbated. I learned early on with chastity, that if a man has no Interest in masturbation, or sex for that matter, its pointless to have him in chastity; might as well keep the device in the box, It would be more fun.  I liked his answer.  We changed the subject for a bit, before I brought it back to chastity. I asked him how serious he was about being locked down,  the longest he has gone without release, and just listened to him tell me about his experience with it in the past, and about his weaknesses. I couldn't keep myself from thinking: thats right, tell me your weaknesses, I am the girl to use them against you. All the while I kept my mouth shut, and just smiled sweetly.  After the party was over, he walked me to my car and asked me to join him for a bite to eat.  It was late, But, I figured, what the hell, I wanted to ask him a few more questions about this.
While sitting at the restaurant looking at him, I was reminded of how handsome I thought he was.  I had a couple of more questions to see if he is the right man for me to do this with. I told him, a story or two of how I like to play with my guys in chastity.  How I like to ride their cock, and pull them out before they get to come and lock him back down after I have came once or twice. I asked him, what happens if you Accidentally come? His reply? You get punished. Oh how I loved this answer! His next statement from him sealed the deal for me right then and there. I asked, And if you're very bad and come in her? His reply? Then one should be forced to clean it up.  OK! That did it! That statement is what made me want to lock him down right then and there, and hold his key.  I just find that so incredibly hot! Him, and that statement is all I pretty much thought about on the way home.  

 Once I got home, I was pleasantly surprised to see an E-mail from him in my E-mail box, thanking me for my time. A man with manners -anther plus.
We E-mailed back and forth a bit. He was smart enough to know how to keep my attention, and I loved getting to read his deepest desires.  We both took this opportunity to question each other and see if we were the right fit for each other. We kept this up for a week or so, and I really loved it every time I received an E-mail from him. Every E-mail just confirmed what I already knew; he was the man I have been looking for. Someone I could have alot of fun with. 
 We talked about what devices he had. A CB6000, witch is ok for short term, but I wanted longer then short term, and plus i think guys can get out of them if they try, and a Lori'sTube.  Lori's Tube it is! I like those ones, and I think they are MUCH more healthier for long term use.  I have had alot of problems with CB6000 in the past.
It was finally time to lock him down. I don't know who was more excited about this, him or me? I couldn't wait to hold his key! I couldn't wait for this to begin. It seemed like forever since I had someone locked down, and I couldn't wait for the games i wanted to play with him to start.  I told him to enjoy his last night of freedom because from here on out, I get to decide when, and if he comes!

Sitting through dinner first was my own personal torture! It seemed to of taken forever! I kept thinking, who's Idea was dinner first? Then I would have to remind myself; oh wait, mine. I couldn't wait for dinner to be over and be back at his house to lock him up! To get my key. Most of dinner, that was all I could think about; My new toy. Finally the check came. 
At his place, the first thing he did was give me the key to his house.  I took it and smiled, and told him Thanks,  but this isn't the key I wanted. I was right to the point about things, to remind him why I was there.  Then I realized he was nervous! I found this very cute. Maybe he is smarter then I thought.  I decided to play with this fact for a bit. I let him talk, show me around a bit. I kept quiet. I loved watching him, trying to figure out why he was nervous, what he was thinking   I found myself wondering if he knew how serious I was when it came to chastity. or just how much I love a man in chastity. I found myself torn between:   I don't think so, or he wouldn't let me lock him up. or maybe he did, and that's why he is letting me lock him up?
 I had my fun for a bit then I ordered him to take his pants off, and hand me the device. I wanted to inspect it. Something I have learned to always do over the years. I handed it back to him and told him to put it on. I loved the look on his face here.  I believe he wanted me to do it.  Sometimes I like to put the device on the guy, I find it fun. But I find it hot to make them do it.  Its something about then willing to lock theirself up for me, I find so alluring. Its like them giving up their freedom to orgasm for me. That's pretty powerful.  I looked down at him, he was hard.  A very good sign, oh yes, this is going to be fun.

Once the device was on and  the tube was locked in place. I had him stand up so I can get a good look at him.  I was very pleased. I told him he was now my locked and owned pet, Now it was time to give him a little taste of what he was in for with me. 


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